In the beginning of November my inner fangirl went completely nuts. The reason for this was me meeting Karen, who’s known by the name iluvsarahii. She’s a makeup artist who does many Instagram tutorials and recently jumped on the YouTube train. Also, she’s absolutely gorgeous and sweet. So, I had an amazing opportunity to not just meet her and take a photo (which were blurry, thanks to my shaky hands :D), but also sit down with her and FILM a video. Probably one of the best days I’ve had :D. Just a heads up, there were some issues with the sound. As the audio is from my vlogging camera, there’s a ton of background noise. Nevertheless I hope you still enjoy the video. I am so, so grateful for NYX Cosmetics for this wonderful opportunity.



  1. Tuuliki

    Nägid sellel üritusel väga hea välja! :)

    • LiinaBlogger

      Aitäh Sulle (:

  2. Mia

    Sul on niii ilus meik ja soeng:)

    • LiinaBlogger

      Aitäh! (:

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